Your solution

Information Technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day. The increasing demand for smart solutions results in increasing demand for programmers. You have a great idea but cannot find the developers in time? We have the solution for you. We build and manage your project, IT team or even your own development company so you can focus on accelerate the growth of your core business.


We have years of experience in the development of complex web applications for our clients. These applications are developed according the highest quality standards and are being used by large multinationals in their daily activities. Working with this kind of companies of course means that we are used to demanding Service Level Agreements. Our clients range from SME's to large multinationals. We can develop a SaaS solution fully customized to your needs from scratch to a marketable product. During the entire process we are in permanent contact with our client through our thorough working methodology to deliver a secure, stable and scalable "best in class" product.


The people behind Bi4 Group

Bi4 Group is the trusted partner for you when it comes to software development. The company is run by Dutch management, and has a big team of Spanish talented people in the wonderful city of Granada. The team consists entirely out of highly qualified university-educated software engineers. It is of utmost importance to us that developers have the right balance between work and private life. It is our belief that this leads to maximum motivation. Finally that extra step set by them guarantees that your product will not be just a great product but one of excellence.

Everything is possible

It is our experience that each client has a different wish. Therefore we are happy to invest the necessary time to understand your needs. We believe that everything is possible, so even though you think it might be impossible, we like challenges. Please contact us any time.

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